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First-Time Glogging

I had my EFL kids try glogging thier mini research projects last week.  They took no time to figure out how to use a glog and loved the experience!  I highly recommend this medium for publishing work!!  Check them out here and here! 🙂


Can I just say this…

Every day I love technology more!!  And here’s just one reason why…

I teach middle school students who don’t usually want to be caught dead talking to a teacher at school about important/serious things in life.  But I’ve been online with two just now…one via Facebook and the other via Google Chat.  One is a kid who is so smart but is on the verge of failing b/c he doesn’t “do” homework. And we’ve been able to have a serious “talk” about what that could mean for him and what he can/should/is doing about it.  This is a conversation that would not take place in person without having to break through some well-built walls first…he’s too proud (and ashamed).   But talking online is somehow different and I can get across to him the same stuff I would in person and have had success in getting him to take the conversation seriously.

The other kid  just got done blowing me away with her personal theology about some in depth science concepts and basically put me in my place about how we view and question God.  It has been a long and convoluted “conversation”, but again one that would have never taken place at school because, well…there’s just not the time, and again…talking to the old teacher lady doesn’t top the list while there are cute boys looking on in the halls…But this student finds me almost every night online and doesn’t stop “chatting” until time for bed.  And something extra to love about that is that she’s an English Language Learner who doesn’t get to practice her English with anyone at home, but via our conversations, I see her English improving daily.  Awesome!

It’s just made me want to say:  Very cool.  Very fulfilling.  Very enlightening.  Very important to their development…and mine!!!!

Just a Little Cheater Post

Due to the end-of-the-school-year-ness that’s been cosuming me these days, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blogging!!

So…does it count that I read this article (one on a long list of articles…),:

Online Education: Study Shows Social Networking a Boon for Education

and made a super awesome comment on it about the blog my kids used this year to create an online publication with a profession author on the other side of the globe??!  (I think that totally counts!…)

Here’s what all their blogging eventually led to…

Grammarman Travels to Guatemala

and the story behind how it happened:

Just a Simple Comic


Xtranormal is Xtremely Cool!!!

Here’s what twitted past me today:

A free site for making animated movies from typed dialog.  Below is a sample I made to show in my English Enrichment class tomorrow to give the kids a different option…I’m sssoooo tired of PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint!  And this has so many more applications for teaching English!  (btw…English Enrichment started the school year as English as a Foreign Language…although now I read the pc term is English as a New Language…well, maybe next year!)  Anyway, the vid is short and wacky and has grammar mistakes for the kids to find.  I’m thinking they could use it to practice spelling, grammar, writing stories, using dialog, practice idioms, work on figurative language, etc., etc….and designing the characters and sets and motions…well…that part is just fun!!! 🙂  Super excited to share this tomorrow!!  Thanks John Pederson!

Check It Out Video for English Enrichment