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First-Time Glogging

I had my EFL kids try glogging thier mini research projects last week.  They took no time to figure out how to use a glog and loved the experience!  I highly recommend this medium for publishing work!!  Check them out here and here! 🙂


The List List Part Deux (Just in Time for Vacation)

A second edition of lists that have flittered through my twitter (which isn’t really as racy as it sounds!).  And, again, I haven’t had a chance to work my way through all of these, but I  have high hopes to do so now that it’s “vacation” and I have all kinds of “time on my hands”…

Please peruse and use!!

How to Effectively Listen on Twitter:  Ok, this one isn’t so much a list of different things as it is tips presented in list form…still good enough to make The List List Part Deux!

80+ Videos for Tech & Media Literacy:  Any type of list by Alec Couros automatically makes my List List…Part Any!

PurposeGames:  Another disclaimer here…technically this is a whole site where you can both play and create educational games, but the games are then kept in lists… ;).  Either way…looks good!!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitterers:  7 Habits of Highly Effective Twitterers written by a “Social Media Strategist” … (I didn’t even know that was a job!)

9 Free Tools for E-Learning:  Like above…pretty much what it says…9 Free Tools for E-Learning 😉

50+ Google and Yahoo Search Shortcuts:  Again…self-explanatory yet quite helpful!

Word Play: A huge list of sites that feature fun with words.  It’s a monster…but at least they’re all in one place!!

10 Awesome Flash-Animated Interactive Websites:  There are 1o…topics ranging from science, social studies, health, music, writing, and more!

8 Habits of Highly-Effective 21st Century Teachers:  Thank goodness for these descriptive and straight-forward titles!  This one from Interface Magazine

30 Twitter Tips for Teachers: You got it…30 tips…for teachers…in regard to the use of Twitter

Teacher Clicks: Twitter in the Classroom:  Now stick with me here…this is a list of lists and article about how and why to use Twitter (in the classroom ;).

100 Awesome, Free Web Tools for Elementary Teachers

Keyboarding Games:  This is a gi-nor-mous list of games just for practicing keyboarding skills!

ICT Mindtools:  ICT tools that engage users in higher order thinking

8 Tips for Super Searching: How to search and get what you want when you want it!

Amazon’s 25 Software Bestsellers and Their Free Equivalents:  Haven’t looked through all yet, but am totally psyched about this one!!  (Just Say “No!” … to Microsoft that is)

100 Terrific Productivity Tools:  This one claims to be for the “bored or unemployed,” but I feel fairly certain there’s gotta be something there for everyone!

(Most of the above came courtesy of Diana Dell, one of my favorite follows on Twitter!  Thanks, Diana!!)

Dream Big!

Just one of the many reasons to love dogs:


Presenting: The List List!

Not sure why, but a big bunch of great tweets about a big bunch of great lists have come through in the last few days.  I haven’t had the chance to work my way through all of all of them, but these lists listed here are looking pretty good to me!  Please…peruse and use!!

Indispensable ICT Tools for Teachers:  This is a monster of a list, but looks awesome!  Good thing summer vacation is just around the corner!

Online Educational Video Games:  For all ages and disciplines.

Games that Make You Think! I think I’ll love this one most of all, Scarecrow!

100 Websites You Should Know and Use:  That’s alotta sites!

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education:  Only half of the above, but still lots of room for exploration!

Any feedback or other recommendations welcome!!

Just a Little Cheater Post

Due to the end-of-the-school-year-ness that’s been cosuming me these days, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blogging!!

So…does it count that I read this article (one on a long list of articles…),:

Online Education: Study Shows Social Networking a Boon for Education

and made a super awesome comment on it about the blog my kids used this year to create an online publication with a profession author on the other side of the globe??!  (I think that totally counts!…)

Here’s what all their blogging eventually led to…

Grammarman Travels to Guatemala

and the story behind how it happened:

Just a Simple Comic


Just Cuz it Makes me Smile!!

Originally saw this on Alec Couros’s Open Thinking blog.  I don’t really know what it had to do with the presentation it was part of…although I’m sure it was completely relevant, eye-opening, and fabulous!  I just love the video for the fun and creativity of it!!  Make sure to watch all the way to the end!  Enjoy!!!

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