Please Don’t Drink the Kool Aid

The good news is…I still have access to my WordPress! (Although, it does appear that three out of five providers here in Guatemala have blocked it.)

The bad news is…I’m so distraught and confused and frustrated and just plain ARRGGGHHHH about everything surrounding the situation in Central America right now, that I can’t even put together coherent thoughts to share.  I have been hearing and reading the most ridiculously slanted “information” about the ousted (former) Honduran president, Zelaya, that I almost feel like I’m living in some alternate reality where evil has become good and where, because the pretty talking heads say it’s so, a virus of head nodding and finger shaking has swept the globe…much of it led by people I respect.  It confuses me and pressures me for the first time in my life to want to ask:  who’s passing the Kool Aid?

For now, I start with this article, which should be read and spread to help break this zombie-like trance the world seems to be in now:

Zelaya’s self-serving lawlessness was ignored completely by OAS leadership and, as far as one can tell, by every government in the region that now dares to pass judgment on Honduras’ constitutional order.


3 responses to “Please Don’t Drink the Kool Aid

  1. I belive most people have no idea of what Zelaya was doing and attempting to do… I praise the separations of power and the courage of the Hondurians.
    Just look at the picture of Zelaya flanked by Chavez, Correa, Morales and Ortega… that is the real access of evil.

    I am with you, stop the kool aid

  2. what saddens me is not only do they not know, but they don’t know b/c the mainstream media tells a different story…and then everyone jumps on the same bandwagon without even really having all the facts…

  3. In continuing follow up, while I’m not fond of the title, (as I think it leans a little too far right…), this article does relate legalities of the situation that many have chosen to ignore…

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