“Calm Down, Alvarez”

…this is what a dear friend of mine always says in a convicting voice whenever I’m getting all riled up about something.  She wasn’t here last night, though, when I got all up in arms about a post on Facebook.  Someone updated his/her status to say something like: “I just bought 1,000 grains of rice for the hungry” which was followed by the Facebook tag line: “Play free games to save the planet.” This upset me for a couple of reasons.   First of all,  the game was free…so you didn’t really buy anything.  Second of all,  1,000 grains of rice is about 1/8 C. dry (so 1/4 C. cooked or half a serving).  Great job.    In reading the pride (which I assumed through the excessive number of exclamation points used) in the post, I just couldn’t help but think…if you really want to help people, help them!  Buy an actual bag of rice (which would cost…what?…$3 for 5 lbs. and yield…what?…45 or 50 servings?) and donate it to a food kitchen.  Or better yet, take that time you spent playing the online game and go volunteer somewhere.    It is somehow offensive to me that someone would choose to use the free time that life in the “developed world” affords him/her to be entertained by playing games with food for the hungry and then brag about all the “good” he/she is doing for the world.

Now, it would have been at about this point that my friend would have stepped in and said, “Calm down, Alvarez.”  But, as I mentioned, she wasn’t here.  So to get my mind off the topic, I decided to check out other news and came across an article that not only said “calm down” even better than she could have, but has caused me to consider the amount of good I’m doing for the world…

Merciful Long Island Storekeeper

I hope you’ll read it and consider the same.


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