Crime and Politics

Some history and follow up on the state of affairs here in Guatemala, where we will again be marching for justice on Sunday.  This is by far the most clearly-written article and response I have yet to see on this crisis.  Please read.  Please pray.  Please share:

Crime and politics in Guatemala:  An indictment from the grave


2 responses to “Crime and Politics

  1. Wow, Sheri. I read the Economist article, and many of the follow-up comments. Pretty interesting stats on Guatemala. Living in my little, protected enclave called San Cristobal, I am isolated from all the mayhem. Take some pix at the rally for me!

  2. You are not alone, Dave. I think as God’s servants here we have not only a responsibility to know about our host country, but to do everything we can to make it a better place for everyone to live. Thanks for the interest, and I hope you’ll help to spread the word!

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