I SO Wish People Would Get It!

Recently I have been praying, writing, emailing, tweeting, blogging, talking, chatting, etc. about the situation here in Guatemala (the facts of which can be found in my previous post: March for Justice).  In my mind I’m doing all of this…spending my time and energy on this topic, even though it’s the busiest (aka: last) week of school when I could easily (and probably should) divert my attention to many other things…because I want people to know.  To be outraged.  To want to help do something about it.  Even if all someone does is say:  Hey!  That sucks!  Thinking about you!  With you in spirit!  That would be a start.  That would be a help.  But instead I get either avoidance or…my personal favorite…statements such as:  Why don’t you just leave?  Isn’t it time to get out of there?  Why don’t you just come home?  There is plenty of missions work here [the States].

For real, people!?!?!  Really?!?!?  These are statements that make me so sad.  Where would anyone currently enjoying the freedom, safety, lifestyle, etc. of the US be if no one had ever stood up for those things there?  Now, I haven’t lived in the States for seven years…that’s not a long time…but do people there really just think that’s the natural order of things?  That they just woke up one day with all they have?  If so…maybe they do need to be doing a better job in schools…teaching history.


5 responses to “I SO Wish People Would Get It!

  1. OK, OK, I’ll TRY to do a better job teaching history! How about some civic events assemblies next year?!

  2. What do you have in mind? I’m game!

  3. I don’t know. I must have had something in mind when I wrote it, but it has escaped me.

    I downloaded a program I could use for my World Cultures class. It’s called EducationalSimiulations, and puts your student in the position of one of gazillions of potential people around the world – then allows them to walk through their life with them as they embattle various things that “ordinary” people have to deal with on a daily basis… Could be very interesting to have my students see how the “other world” lives.

    Did I share with you my idea of starting off the year with an “On the outside looking in” video? How the kids on the other side of the CAG fence would trade anything for the same opportunities our kids take for granted….

  4. sounds great! is this something you’ve made?

  5. Actually, I just wrote a poem. Outside my room 6 window is the perimeter wall. Whenever I hear my students complaining about some picayune thing, I imagine the kids on the other side of that wall (whose “house” is so visible from the middle school eating area) just shaking their heads in dismay as they watch our over-priveleged progeny complaining about something.

    For the moment, I’ve misplaced the poem, did a search for it, but still haven’t come across it. I’d love to do some music, take pix of the kids looking through the fence, and have the words to the poem scroll past… May be a bit too harsh, though.

    Love your blogs. You are WAY ahead of the curve.

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