There’s a Hole in the Bucket…

So for two years my husband and I tried unsuccessfully to get our marriage “registered” here in Guatemala.  (We were legally married in the States, which apparently doesn’t hold any weight here; and the unsuccessfulness was probably  due to the fact that we had been attempting to use legitimate legal channels…but that’s another story…)  Since I don’t currently have residency here, we haven’t been able to get the marriage registered.  We have had hope this year as someone who better knows how to navigate the system has been helping us out.  Today, however, he told us that I can’t get my residency because our marriage hasn’t been registered (…which we can’t do because I don’t have my residency)…wait…what?!?!

…Dear Liza…Dear Liza


2 responses to “There’s a Hole in the Bucket…

  1. Otto Garcia

    Quick solution…..leave the country!

  2. Now where’s the fun in that??!?

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