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Dream Big!

Just one of the many reasons to love dogs:



Crime and Politics

Some history and follow up on the state of affairs here in Guatemala, where we will again be marching for justice on Sunday.  This is by far the most clearly-written article and response I have yet to see on this crisis.  Please read.  Please pray.  Please share:

Crime and politics in Guatemala:  An indictment from the grave

Presenting: The List List!

Not sure why, but a big bunch of great tweets about a big bunch of great lists have come through in the last few days.  I haven’t had the chance to work my way through all of all of them, but these lists listed here are looking pretty good to me!  Please…peruse and use!!

Indispensable ICT Tools for Teachers:  This is a monster of a list, but looks awesome!  Good thing summer vacation is just around the corner!

Online Educational Video Games:  For all ages and disciplines.

Games that Make You Think! I think I’ll love this one most of all, Scarecrow!

100 Websites You Should Know and Use:  That’s alotta sites!

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Education:  Only half of the above, but still lots of room for exploration!

Any feedback or other recommendations welcome!!

The Big Guy Does It Again

A little while back I put up a post about how sometimes it is just so clear to me how God aligns things just right (see previous post: Sometime I Just Have to Say: “OK!  I get it!”).  While I am always confident in His plans for all of us, some days it is way more obvious just how He works, and I have to stop and marvel at it.

Take yesterday for instance…I visited my Facebook account to check on any responses to the March for Justice information which I had put up just the day before.  (Btw…The day I did that was the first time I had visited fb in weeks…fb and I are on-again/off-again lovers.)  So yesterday when I visited, I decided to clean up some of those piled up notices, starting with the friend requests.  There were a handful…some students, one dude who was a friend of a friend, and an old classmate from high school…one of those people who I knew who she was, but had never really been friends with.  I always debate about who to “confirm” and who to give the big “ignore” click to.  Yesterday I was feeling generous and just accepted everyone.  Yada yada.  Then I went on to check the day’s news, scanning for more info to share in English about the crisis here in Guatemala.  Instead of finding any direct references to the government scandal, I found one about the murder of an American priest.  It relates to what we’re fighting for here, so I put a little something together, posted it on my ministry blog, and was just about to do the same on Facebook, when there appeared a message on my wall…from the high school classmate I had just accepted.  (note:  I haven’t had contact with this person in 20 years.  There is little chance she would have known that I was living in Guatemala until scouring fb for contacts…and even if she had found that much out, she had requested weeks ago to be fb friends…) She was writing to ask if I had heard anything about an American priest who had been  killed here this week, and went on to write a heart-wrenching note about how she and her family had been very close to this man…

Now, I had been looking to use Facebook as another outlet for information to the world about the goings-on here…and here was a person I would likely have never contacted myself…never even remembered or thought about, who’s friend request had been sitting in my notices for weeks, and who I had just confirmed that day…writing for information on something that NEEDS to be shared with the world.  Coincidence? Not in my book.

I just can’t deny God’s hand when I experience things like this.  I know He wants justice for Guatemala. And I know He will use whatever means are available to bring it about:  in this case…online social networking.  How awesome is that?!?!

Chalk another one up for the Big Guy…

I SO Wish People Would Get It!

Recently I have been praying, writing, emailing, tweeting, blogging, talking, chatting, etc. about the situation here in Guatemala (the facts of which can be found in my previous post: March for Justice).  In my mind I’m doing all of this…spending my time and energy on this topic, even though it’s the busiest (aka: last) week of school when I could easily (and probably should) divert my attention to many other things…because I want people to know.  To be outraged.  To want to help do something about it.  Even if all someone does is say:  Hey!  That sucks!  Thinking about you!  With you in spirit!  That would be a start.  That would be a help.  But instead I get either avoidance or…my personal favorite…statements such as:  Why don’t you just leave?  Isn’t it time to get out of there?  Why don’t you just come home?  There is plenty of missions work here [the States].

For real, people!?!?!  Really?!?!?  These are statements that make me so sad.  Where would anyone currently enjoying the freedom, safety, lifestyle, etc. of the US be if no one had ever stood up for those things there?  Now, I haven’t lived in the States for seven years…that’s not a long time…but do people there really just think that’s the natural order of things?  That they just woke up one day with all they have?  If so…maybe they do need to be doing a better job in schools…teaching history.

March for Justice

After prayerful consideration, my husband and I decided to join the march for justice today in Guatemala City. The following links are the coverage I have found in English, as well as some pictures I took while there today. I urge you to please be in prayer for Guatemala, its leaders and its people, while they struggle to work toward peace and justice.

Thousands Protest

Largest Protests Yet

March for Justice Pics

Love This! Live This!

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