What in the Wordle!?!?


A tribute to my Rupert Roo who came home today!!  He’s not all the way back to his Rupert-y self yet, but after his miraculous survival, I have faith that he’ll make a full recovery!!

I’ve been a little off kilter the last few days and have not done a good job keeping up with all the digital advice of my new mentors,but the Wordle thing (above) was first on the list of “stuff to check out” from a few days ago and I thought it perfect for letting everyone know that Rupe the Poop is back!!!  A fun little place to visit, Wordle…but be sure to read the Terms of Use as well as the disclaimer about appropriate classroom use.  Oh…and just for the record, since I did use a screen-captured imagine, here is my shout out to the application itself (like I said…check the TOU):  http://www.wordle.net/ !


A follow up on Wordle…came across this post by a teacher who took a chance on this fun application in the classroom.  Inspiring and honest:  Wordle in Reading Centers




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