Sometimes I Just Have to Say: “Ok! I get it!!”

Here’s the deal…stayed home from Bible study tonight for a dumb reason…(so dumb, I won’t even bother sharing it).  Was sitting on the couch watching Macho Que Se Respeta en Sony Entertainment Television and feeling guilty, decided to pick up where I had left off earlier with trying to get updated with some new blogs I’ve started to follow, while chatting with one of my students and helping her edit a video commercial she’s making for another class, and keeping up with my TwitterFox.  So, was working my way through Alec Couros‘s latest post and the bazillion fabulous  links from it.  Had just opened the link and it was taking a bit to get going (I do live in the developing world after all) and as I was chatting away, Mr. Couros tweeted that he was broadcasting live from his iphone at the same very moment.  Now, you need to know this about me to appreciate this: I don’t believe in coincidence.  I do, however, believe that God gets us to do things He knows we need to do in the time they need to be done.  So, I was thinking that it was pretty cool that all this was going on (and surely I was going to learn something fabulous from it) and all of the sudden Ustream sprang to life with one of my (currently) favorite worship songs.  What?!?!!? Turns out The Rock And Worship Roadshow was also streaming!  Now, not that I didn’t want to listen to Mr. Couros’s stream (as I’m quickly becoming a huge fan), but…did I mention how I didn’t make it to Bible study tonight?  Well, I turned up the volume on the music and worshipped right here on my couch…except, I was chatting with that student…a middle school girl who I had just had a discussion with about how we can worship through rock music (she was staunchly against this idea, btw!).  Fortunately, she is also enamored with anything “online” (this is also a recent development, which is another story), so when I told her I was watching the coolest thing, she HAD to know what it was.  Sent her the link…she checked it out…loved it…called her parents (who didn’t even know you could talk to someone through the computer) and they all three ROCKED out!  A running joke I have with this student centers around how I’m always right…but guess what…this time I really was!   Er…I mean… HE was.  God works in such cool ways…including through Ustream!

Here’s what it all means to me anyway: 1) My dumb reason for staying home wasn’t AND I still got to spend time in God’s word 2) A middle schooler’s mind was changed (probably the most difficult task of all!) 3) The parents of a middle schooler got to witness how technology is NOT evil andhow their kid can use it productively (she also took the time to show them the animated commercial she had just made via Xtranormal) 4) Ustream has made it onto my Delicious list 5) Alec Couros moved to the TOP of my Dudes to Watch List 6) and God gets the Glory for all of it!!!!


2 responses to “Sometimes I Just Have to Say: “Ok! I get it!!”

  1. Thanks for the positive comments, and I’m glad to connect and to help in any way I can.

    I’m happy it all came together for you! And hey, anytime I see my name tagged right beside ‘God’ … that makes the experience even better! 🙂

    All the best!

  2. No! My thanks go to you, Alec!!! I only wish I could keep up with all the great stuff you have to share! I’ll do my best at continuing to listen for the words of the divine…oh, and for God’s, too 😉 ! Sherry

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