All Up In Arms about Myopic Sign Up Forms!!!!

Something super annoying is trying to use online services, newsletters, groups, etc. that don’t allow you to sign up b/c the sign up forms REQUIRE you to list a State (meaning one of the famed 50 United States of America, of course) … here’s a newsflash (hold on…it’s pretty groundbreaking) … not everyone who accesses stuff ONLINE lives within the holy confines of the United States of America!!! (gasp!)    In these advanced times of urls sans “www”, I guess some people have forgotten that the first two of those stood for “WORLDWIDE” !!!!!  Maybe I’ll keep a list of subscriptions and services who have lost my business due to their short-sited “surely-everyone-worthy-of-our-product-must-live-in-the-glorious-United-States-of-America” mindset!  Here’s today’s loser anyway:

Simple TechIntegration

My favorite part is their tagline which reads:  “Packed with reviews of free tech-tools and interviews and snippets from today’s most famous ed-tech bloggers, SimpleTechIntegration brings today’s easiest technologies straight to your inbox.” … err… or not…

(An apology … apparently people living in Canada can also sign up for Simple TechIntegration…I guess Canada tecnically qualifies as “outside” of the U.S.) …


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