Xtranormal is Xtremely Cool!!!

Here’s what twitted past me today:

A free site for making animated movies from typed dialog.  Below is a sample I made to show in my English Enrichment class tomorrow to give the kids a different option…I’m sssoooo tired of PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint!  And this has so many more applications for teaching English!  (btw…English Enrichment started the school year as English as a Foreign Language…although now I read the pc term is English as a New Language…well, maybe next year!)  Anyway, the vid is short and wacky and has grammar mistakes for the kids to find.  I’m thinking they could use it to practice spelling, grammar, writing stories, using dialog, practice idioms, work on figurative language, etc., etc….and designing the characters and sets and motions…well…that part is just fun!!! 🙂  Super excited to share this tomorrow!!  Thanks John Pederson!

Check It Out Video for English Enrichment


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